At the Cudmore Law Office, we offer our clients a wide range of experience in a variety of practice disciplines. With a strong background in litigation, negotiation and advocacy, we provide our clients with high quality service by being familiar with specific areas of law while keeping abreast of changes through research and continuing education.

If a client requires legal representation in an area of law outside of our established areas of practice, we will refer them to another highly competent legal professional through the network of lawyers we have established over years of practice and association.

We currently offer services in the following areas;

  • Criminal Law
    If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, you’ll want the best representation possible. The impact of a criminal conviction on one’s record can mean much more than any immediate fine or sentence. You need to know your rights, your options and what exactly you’re up against. The Cudmore Law Office offers experienced, knowledgeable and competent criminal counsel with a reputation for fierce but fair advocacy. We will competently represent you in your criminal matter at all stages and endeavour to obtain the best resolution possible. With extensive experience at all stages of criminal proceeding including bail review, resolution meetings, preliminary inquiries, Judicial pretrials,  judge or jury trials and appeals, our experience, knowledge and reputation will provide you with the best representation possible.